With the archive “Friendship!” we explore the expe­ri­en­ces, deba­tes and the deve­lo­p­ment of an anti-impe­ria­list and inter­na­tio­na­list stra­tegy in the DDR and the wider socia­list camp. With concise contri­bu­ti­ons, we want to shed light on diffe­rent aspects of the inter­na­tio­nal class struggle and inves­ti­gate contra­dic­tions and ideo­lo­gi­cal discus­sions that arose throughout the course of the previous century.


Today, our rela­ti­ons­hip to this highly dyna­mic and produc­tive period of anti-impe­ria­lism – its concepts, strug­gles and theo­ries – is often obscu­red and broken. Through the re-disco­very and re-appro­pria­tion of these expe­ri­en­ces, the archive aims to help us gain an orien­ta­tion and acquire a new drive for the tasks of the present.


The foun­da­tio­nal text for the archive can be down­loa­ded here.

The archive will open in the spring of 2023 with a first selec­tion of arti­cles and interviews.