With its studies, IF DDR aims to contri­bute to current deba­tes on social strug­gles and poli­ti­cal alter­na­ti­ves, drawing on the condi­ti­ons and expe­ri­en­ces of DDR socia­lism. In various series, it prepa­res histo­ri­cal and contem­po­rary witness mate­rial for this purpose in a clear and under­stan­da­ble way.


Initi­ally, “Studies on the DDR” will provide the basis for an inter­na­tio­nal exch­ange about the DDR by tracing the struc­ture of this socia­list state and its lived reali­ties on the basis of selec­ted aspects from ever­y­day life. For this series, we receive advi­sory support from our part­ner Tricon­ti­nen­tal: Insti­tute for Social Rese­arch.


The “Friend­ship!” archive, dedi­ca­ted to the socia­list maxim of inter­na­tio­nal soli­da­rity, is in prepa­ra­tion. This plat­form will host shorter contri­bu­ti­ons that explore the anti-impe­ria­list stra­te­gies of the socia­list states during the 20th century.