It is precisely the ever­y­day living condi­ti­ons under socia­lism that appear incre­a­singly hard to imagine in today’s capi­ta­list reality. “Studies on the DDR” there­fore wants to initiate a rene­wed exami­na­tion of the history of the German Demo­cra­tic Repu­blic and its princi­ples, in the know­ledge that the GDR still repres­ents a posi­tive point of refe­rence in many parts of the world — and often under its German abbre­via­tion “DDR”.

The analy­ses combine histo­ri­cal with contem­porary witness accounts and criti­cally assess the deve­lo­p­ment and func­tio­n­ing of this socia­list state. The resul­ting picture of a poly­phony of expe­ri­en­ces in all areas of life would like to provide a diffe­rent view of the condi­ti­ons in which we live today.