Rüdi­ger Feltz was born in Leip­zig in 1958. He studied medi­cine at the Charité in Berlin until 1986. He gained field expe­ri­ence as part of a DDR medi­cal brigade at the “Hospi­tal Carlos Marx” in Mana­gua, Nica­ra­gua. The hospi­tal was built by briga­des of friend­ship from the DDR in 1985 and is still in opera­tion today. After gradua­ting from the Charité, Dr. Feltz worked for two years as a mili­tary doctor in the Natio­nal People’s Army (NVA) in the DDR.


He conti­nues to prac­tice as a neuro­sur­gery doctor today in neuro­sur­gery in Erfurt, and has been a senior physi­cian since 2002.

Excerpts from a further inter­view with Dr. Feltz will follow soon.