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The International Research Institution GDR (IF DDR) is a long-term project of the Society for Science and Culture of Germany (GWKD). On one hand, it focuses on the international relations of the German Democratic Republic under the banner of international solidarity; on the other, it intends to trace the everyday functioning of this socialist state. In a time of particularism, crisis and regression, economic and social inequalities, IF DDR wants to act as a link between preserving and exploring the historic multilateral relations of the GDR, given they are of international significance for the shaping of democratic communities. This applies particularly, though not exclusively, to the mutual support between the GDR and the states of the Global South emerging from colonial rule. These countries are often denied a voice in Western discourse about their own historic experience with the GDR, which is why the IF DDR works closely together with organisations abroad interested in this field with the aim of exchanging knowledge and initiating critical discussions. GDR society, its solidarity campaigns and official international politics shall be researched and made accessible in order to gain insights into shortcomings as well as successes and lessons to learn. The IF DDR will do so by conducting interviews with contemporary witnesses as well as with the publication of its research guided by the needs of other countries to locate their political goals historically.


The preparations of our upcoming first release of „Studies on the DDR“ are currently in full swing. The focal point of our first edition are the societal courts and criminal justice in the GDR.

Future issues will deal with socialist constitutions as well as land reform and collectivisation.

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we are still looking for researchers.

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